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20 Reasons Coconut Oil Is Your Skin’s New Best Friend

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Forget Nasty Chemicals!

Forget nasty chemicals, refined elements and miscellaneous ingredients that are way too hard to pronounce. When it comes to health, wellness and beauty, Mother Nature is one hell of a resource. Her pantry is positively brimming with goodness, and coconut oil is one of the prides and joy of her stockpile!

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Yep, these creamy white spheres of goodness are packed full of good fats that work wonders for the skin. If you’re looking for a year round glow, coconuts are the bomb.

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While they’re oh so tasty to munch on, coconut oil is a tried and tested secret that’ll bring a dash of tropical radiance to any complexion. Thanks to its low molecular weight and ability to bond with proteins, coconut oil is able to penetrate the skin on a deeper level. This makes it an all-natural way to nourish your complexion, from the outside, in.

And the best thing? You can pick up bucket loads of the stuff at your local supermarket. No need to climb coconut trees here!

So how exactly can you use coconut oil to get your skin glowing? Read on for our guide to 20 reasons why coconut oil should make an appearance in your skin care regime on the next page:

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