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Train Like A Victoria’s Secret Model With Adriana Lima

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima and her trainer Michael Olajide Jr. who has been her trainer for over 6 years now, show us the secret fitness moves that get Adriana Lima runway ready! My long-standing favourite Angel, Adriana is a fierce fighter and has the moves to prove it. For those who think that models don’t do shhhh*t, and keep their figures by a purely restricted diet, think again!

I challenge you to attempt Adriana Lima’s moves!

• Warm up with basic jump rope
• Progress to cross-overs
• Speed it up with high knees
• Work it with double turns
• Combine double turns + cross-overs
• Challenge yourself: double turns + cross-overs + drop it low!

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Watch here

She finishes it off with high speed boxing combos and intermittent army shuffles. Bit of a show off wouldn’t you say? And why not! Rock it like a Vicoria’s Secret Angel by upping the ante with jump rope variations and heading to boxing class, and train this hard 3-4 times a week and you’ll be rocking lingerie ready in no time!

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