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Fuel For The ‘Explosive Training’ Method! – 4 of 6

Via instagram/jasonstatham
Via www.instagram/jasonstatham

As well as a fierce training regime, nutrition is also an important part of building both size and muscle definition. By setting himself a limit of 2000 calories per day spread across six small meals, the strongman is able to shed 8.5 kg in just six weeks, leaving his ripped body more defined than ever.

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Another tip to heavy training success? According to Statham, a food ‘Bible’ is the key to keeping lean and defined. Drink 5.5 litres of water a day and write down everything you eat. Statham swears by this approach, explaining that writing everything down makes it impossible for you to muck it up.

While we can’t guarantee that adopting Statham’s fitness regime will win you a role in this year’s hottest Hollywood action flick or see you with a stunning Victoria’s Secret model dangling off your arm, you will find yourself fitter, stronger and healthier, not to mention a whole lot more muscular.

Just check it out on the next page and watch the video where Statham lays down the law on how to CRUSH your workouts. If you’re serious about your training, you do not want to miss this! And check out Statham’s girlfriend on the next page too! Read on…

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