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Kate Upton’s Million Dollar ModelFIT Body Secrets

Natural Beauty / Image via moviecricket.com
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Is Kate Upton one of the sexiest women to ever grace the cover of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? We certainly think so! And with a smoking hot figure like that, the insanely aesthetic miss Upton has well and truly earned her spot on the 50th Anniversary Sports Illustrated cover (& many other covers)!

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We love that she’s breaking the stereo-typical super-thin model mentality too and with her recent appearance on the Vogue 100th Anniversary cover and role alongside Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman, this voluptuous blonde bombshell sure knows how to rock it in the world of supermodels and the silver screen alike!

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So what keeps her looking so damn sexy? Well, according to Kate herself, it’s all down to five weekly sessions with celebrity fitness trainer and creator of ModelFIT regime, Justin Gelband.

What we love so much about Justin is that he embraces the natural build and works with it to create a knockout figure worthy of a runway! Says Justin about Kate,

“Since the first day I met her, she wanted to come in and change the industry by saying curves are sexy. She’s such a great role model for all the young girls out there.”

We think she looks amazing in both photos, but the results speak for themselves!

Kate's Stunning Before AND After! / Images via Pinterest.com
Kate’s Stunning Before AND After! / Images via Pinterest.com

High on Gelband’s priority list is intense circuit training, consisting of high impact exercises in short bursts. The general circuit training regime consisted of eight to ten exercises per circuit with a 30-60 second breather in-between. According to Gelband, this is a highly effective way to enhance your curves and sculpt a killer body as the variation of different routines works different muscle groups. It also keeps things interesting and ensures Kate never gets bored!


So what does a day in the lie of Justin and Kate look like? Let’s take a look!

  • Justin starts by getting Kate to hit the treadmill and get the blood flowing.
  • After she’s sufficiently warmed up, it’s time for an ever-changing routine featuring kickboxing, rope skipping and elastic bands.
  • After working several different muscle groups, Kate moves on to weights in order to increase her strength and keep her looking toned.

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