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5 Victoria Secret Angel Exercises With Candice Swanepoel

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With her luscious blonde locks, sexy long legs and a body worthy of the Victoria’s Secret runway, South African born model Candice Swanepoel is definitely up there on the World’s hottest models of all time list!

With a body like this, it’s no wonder Candice Swanepoel makes the world’s most coveted lists!  (Via Victoria Secret)

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With celebrity personal trainer and workout guru, Justin Gelband as her personal fitness consultant, it’s no surprise that Candice Swanepoel was dubbed by Forbes Magazine as the world’s 10th highest earning model of 2013 and awarded a highly sought after spot in Maxim’s Hot 100 list of the world’s most beautiful women.

With an impressive client base of Sports Illustrated models and Victoria’s Secret Angels including Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk, Gelband definitely knows his stuff when it comes to keeping these glamour girls trim, toned and catwalk ready.

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According to Justin, Candice focusses on five key exercises that work to strengthen her lower back strength, enhance hip flexibility, tone the butt (hell yeah) and increase balance and stability.

While balance is something that is often overlooked by fitness enthusiasts, it’s an essential part of working the runway and with a lofty 5 ft. 9 frame, Candice is all about refining her poise and stability. How? Kickboxing, weight training and resistance are all on the agenda, Candice explaining “I love walking up on the runway. I box, I do a lot of resistance, three times a week.” Jumping ropes is also one of Candice’s favourite ways to warm up and get pumped for a sweat session.

According to Gelband, the key to success is focusing on quality over quantity, meaning he works Candice hard, fast and effective. If you’re looking for serious results, this philosophy is definitely something to adopt!

And the all important question of how she keeps her bum looking positively heavenly in those its bitsy string bikinis?

Read on as we reveal the KEY secrets Candice implements to retain her goddess-like physique…

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“Squats are the key! It’s definitely squats!” she exclaims in a recent interview with Vogue.

Image via Victoria Secret
Img via: Victoria Secret

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Technically, Gelband uses ankle weights for muscle development as well as a series of agility exercises designed to improve muscle coordination and once again, work on her balance. If you’ve got an exercise ball, this can be achieved at the gym or in the comfort of your home, Gelband explaining “You can also use exercise ball to develop balance, stability, core strength.”

As well as sweating it out at the gym, Candice is a huge fan of Yoga which she maintains helps to keep her flexible as well as mentally calm. With a schedule of industry parties, international flights and high energy Victoria’s Secret shows, we can see why a little mat downtime is so appealing!

And as for Candice’s diet? While she’s naturally thin, Candice pack he plate full of veggies, proteins, eggs, steak (for muscle development) and of course, a lot of water.

“I like a healthy breakfast. I like croissants, pizza, pasta, eggs, steak. I love vegetables, omelette!” says Candice.

On recent allegations that she had been suffering from anorexia, Candice admits that while she has tried to starve herself in the past, she quickly learned that depriving her body of food only served to weaken it and increase her susceptibility to illness and injuries. Instead, she’s found global runway success in a healthy balanced diet and a killer workout routine that keeps her looking happy, healthy and ready to flaunt the latest line of Victoria’s Secret bikinis!

Watch it here!

Could this girl make gym wear look any sexier? She’s definitely one of our favourite motivators! Check out 7 awesome reasons to add Candice’s favourite exercise to your workout routine today on the next page…

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