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Chris Hemsworth, Superhero Physique Training

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Just How Did Chris Hemsworth Get That Thor Physique?

At first glance, Thor star Chris Hemsworth appears to be a regular surfer in pretty good shape. But take a closer look and his sheer size demands a whole lot of extra attention. Until recently, surfing was his main source of exercise, alongside a bit of boxing and Mauy Thai. He’d spent very little time in an actual gym and he had the lean athletic frame to show for it.

Chris Hemsworth Physique
Image via: SpashNews

According to most theologians, Thor didn’t surf. In fact, as far as we can remember from classical mythology in high school, his main discipline was the hammer throw. So when Hemsworth landed the lead role, he was obligated to get a whole lot bigger! Read on…

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Thor. Before And After

In a recent interview with Men’s Fitness, Chris and his trainer Mike Knight revealed the secrets and hard work behind this stunning transformation – Even hammer wielding Demi Gods have to start somewhere!


It was obvious that Hemsworth had to go big or go home, but the question was just how big?

In the comic strip Thor looks to be around 500lb [227kg], so obviously that wasn’t my goal, but it was very important for me to look the part and be as powerful as strong as I could while still maintaining that element of agility, Hemsworth explains.

Now by looking at pre Thor topless photos of Chris (a regular pastime for many fans) it’s clear he was already sporting a well-defined surfer’s physique – lean, light and agile. This made for a great frame to build on and meant that Hemsworth could focus on all over growth without worrying too much about shape.

In fact, find out on the next page how Chris revealed that he actually went a bit too far and how when the film makers urged him to become as big as he could, he ended up being “too big for his costume!” Click the next page button below to uncover the workout methods & secrets behind Thor’s great power.

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Continued on page 2 below!

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“Too Big For The Costume”

Being too muscular for a Thor costume costume may have been a little inconvenient but we bet it felt pretty good on the old ego.

Thor Chris Hemsworth physique
Image via: moviepilot.com

The reason Chris can still actually balance on a short surfboard, and doesn’t have the classic body builder gate is down to the functional size building strategy he chose to use.

Hemsworth’s PT Michael Knight, director of Michigan-based personal trainers Art of Strength introduced him to this two stage training program; “The first stage was based around the classical bodybuilding concentrated size building approach of high weight, low repetition. In the second he hammered Chris (excuse the pun) with high intensity circuits designed to strip off any remaining fat whilst maintaining size and promoting functional strength.”

Thor Chris Hemsworth physique 1
Image via: Paramount
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“Above all, he has an amazing work ethic, always pushing himself further and harder. It shows that if you’re prepared to work hard you can get the results you’ve always wanted,” Knight told Men’s Fitness. “Functional strength is just more, well functional.”

It was this second stage that allowed the star to preserve his athletic ability amidst such an extreme weight gaining routine!

Read on as we reveal the food and diet plan Hemsworth embarked on to build and retain his god-like physique on the next page below…

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Continued on page 3 below!

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What Does Thor Eat To Retain His Power?

Obviously, no matter how hard you train you can’t gain 20-30 pounds of god-like strength running on the diet of mere mortals. As such, a strict nutritional regime proved to be an important part of Hemsworth’s success.

“I basically overfeed on protein and endless amounts of chicken breast and steak and fish and vegetables and brown rice,” says Hemsworth.

Its highly likely that his diet was slightly more complicated than Chris is letting on but eating the right things and eating them in enormous bulk is certainly the main pillar of a muscle maximising eating plan.

Image via: PopSugar

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Hemsworth is living proof that big doesn’t have to mean clumsy and slow. With the right kind of training and the right kind of eating you too can shred waves whilst looking absolutely shredded.

Thanks to Men’s Health for getting the getting the secrets behind Chris Hemsworth’s spectacular physique. Here’s to building real muscle that looks good and performs well! Share with someone who loves Thor!

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