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Awesome Full Body ‘Hotel Room’ Workout With Equinox

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Here’s an awesome full body, bodyweight workout which you can fit comfortably at home or in a hotel – equipment free, fuss free and stress free. Sounds good doesn’t it?equinox full body workout

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A lot of us don’t have the time for an extended workout, let alone the time to get to the gym for one. In a fast paced society it can be easy to leave your health/fitness goals at home with the dirty dishes. Never fear, Fit.Healthy.Sexy is here to help lead you on the right path.

No matter where you are, whether on holiday, at home or staying in a hotel on a business trip, there is ALWAYS something you can do to keep your body in check. Watching this video beautifully made by Equinox is one stepping stone on your way.

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Watch it here

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A few other tips!

1. Plan your day beforehand.

If you know you have a busy day ahead, pack the night before and plan the day ahead. “To Do” lists work wonders. If you just keep everything in your head it can be easy to forget or get off track. Writing down your obligations as well as goals keeps you accountable.

2. Keep healthy snacks on you at all times.

I always have a pre-workout snack as well as post-workout snack on me at all times. Don’t let yourself get hungry. No one wants to get in the way of a hungry – yes “hungry” aka hungry/angry person!

3. Use your environment to your advantage.

Adapt. Humans are designed to do so for the sake of survival. If you’re on holiday, what adventures can you incorporate into your holiday to make it not only relaxing but a challenging? Imagine how good that thai massage will feel after a days hike! If your on a business trip, what facilities does the hotel have? Maybe it’s time to hit the pool and try some water aerobics or swim laps. At home because it’s rainy or you’re time bogged? There’s always time to invest in your health!

Feel free to share this article with someone you want to inspire and we’ll see you on the next page!

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