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5 Easy Tips To Kill The Stress In Your Life

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5. TURN the Negative Energy Into Positive

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Physical exercise is an extremely powerful stress reliever! Not only increasing your overall health and sense of well-being, exercise boosts the production of your brains ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters, called endorphins. And although this function is commonly referred to as ‘runners high’, most forms of exercise where physical exertion is applied can produce the same feeling.

When I went through a stressful divorce 5 years ago, one of the BIGGEST contributing factors to my stress relief was a trip to Thailand and 4 weeks of intensive Muay Thai kickboxing which helped me focus the negative energy and stress into my fitness and health and I was able to leave with a sense of, a way more toned tummy, and a new skill-set!

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So regular exercise can increase your self-confidence, as well as relaxing you which lowers the symptoms associated with stress and tension and even mild depression. It will also help improve your sleep so whether you’re an athlete of even if you enjoy simply keeping in shape, a little exercise can go a long way towards helping you with stress management! You got this!

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