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5 Easy Tips To Kill The Stress In Your Life

tips to avoid stress
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If you’re anything like most people, you no doubt feel the heat of everyday life and are looking for ways to help reduce stress for peace of mind.


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Whether it be financial stress over whether you’re saving or living or the fact that the neighbors don’t like you – even that slice of chocolate fudge cake last night or that boomerang-like mosquito that keeps coming back for more of your blood. Trivial things right? Wrong.

Stress plays a massive part in your health and general well being. While small doses may lead to an increase in productivity due to the “fight or flight” mode of adrenaline (key word being “fight” here), too much will lead to a crash. Raised cortisol (the stress hormone) can lead to high blood pressure, irrational behaviour and sleeping problems. So don’t “stress less princess” us!

“Accept what you canNOT change, Change what you cannot accept.”

Of course, once that annoying mosquito has left, you usually realise you may have been overreacting. And even if you’re well managed and tend to keep the trivial things in check, stress over larger issues always arise. That’s life. And without a good challenge, we wouldnever progress.

So here are 5 simple but awesome ways to reduce the stress from your life! Read on…

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