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5 Amazing Reasons Every Woman Should Lift!

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Using proper technique, strength training exercises can help to improve overall ease of movement. And building muscle mass will decrease stress on your joints while reducing the risk of injuries and generally helping in all areas of life!
Balance is essential for almost all sports and fitness activities and strength training helps to improve your body’s equilibrium as well as your ability to quickly respond to ‘accidental’ situations with more ease.

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Strength training should be ended with a good stretching routine to the muscle groups that were targeted. Gentle stretching will help to greatly improve blood flow to the muscles, resulting in quicker recovery as well as more flexibility! Be careful to not force your stretches too – ease into it gently and breath through the stretches and your body will thank you for it!


“I think that being healthy is sexy. I think that once you’re healthy and you’re happy, it gives you more confidence. I used to not be confident—I used to put on a dress and not feel like I filled it out. But I love how weight training has just changed my body. Weight training has just guided my life in a better direction. I’m more focused, I’m more confident, my life is just so much better—I feel like I’ve connected the dots. … I’m a huge advocate for women to do weight training. One misconception I’m sure you’ve heard a lot is that if girls go to the gym, they’re going to look manly, they’re going to look bulky, or they’re just not going to look feminine anymore. I think strength training helps your body, and it defines your muscles and gives you a lean physique.” – Paige Hathaway, Fitness Model & Instagram sensation in a recent interview by Womens Health Mag.

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Here’s a very basic dynamic of how body sculpting backed by strength training can help a girl get her optimum physique:

1. Want a sexier butt? Then add some muscle, strip back the fat and VOILA!
2. Want your waist to look thinner? Then shape your shoulders and WOW!
3. Want to make your legs look longer? Strip some fat and add some muscle and BOOM!

These are just a few reasons why women should not be afraid to gain muscle! You have to start somewhere and it will take time, but it’s fully possible if you believe, focus and commit!!

Whether you’re a seasoned gym junkie or someone who has just decided to step up and make a change in your life for the better, no matter where you’re at on your journey to a healthy lifestyle we’re here to support you and help provide you with the best information, tools and products to help you reach & better your goals! Feel free to join us on Facebook and stay updated with all the latest tips, tricks & motivation and feel free to brows the articles and offers below! Stay tuned and go get it fitfam!

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