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5 Amazing Reasons Every Woman Should Lift!

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We get a lot of messages from women of all ages asking how to lose love handles, tummy & arm fat pretty much every day so we’ve put together this article to explain 5 reasons every woman should lift and engage in strength training.

Image Via: pinterest.com

I usually recommend a proven Fat loss program to get started out like our good friend Mike Geary’s worldwide best selling book the Truth About Abs. And without taking anything away from the nutritious element of fat-loss, today we’re going to take a look at the proven method of ‘body sculpting‘ on top of a nice and clean eating program!

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And you’ve probably heard it said the “Strong is the New Sexy” – but what I’ve noticed trending here in the fitness world, is that more and more women are becoming more comfortable with the idea of throwing a few weights around in the Gym & toning up.

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So with an advanced clean eating regime in place & a little weight, lets take a look at how we can fast-track the fat-loss process by lifting! So starting with number 1, read on as we uncover these 5 reasons every woman should lift weights!

So read on and take a look at our top 5 reasons EVERY woman should lift!


@labella_reina / Image via Instagram.com
@labella_reina / Image via Instagram.com

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According to world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, for every kilo of lean muscle that was gained, there was an equal loss of weight in body fat! Look at this way, if gained 4 kg of muscle during a 12 week program, in the same 12 weeks you would drop 4 kg of fat! So if you started at 20% body fat and 60 kg of bodyweight, your body fat would now be 13%! These body composition changes will make you look absolutely amazing and feel very empowered. Muscle empowers women because of the new sense of strength and power that muscle gives!

So lets get into it! Don’t forget to share with a training buddy and we’ll see you on the NEXT PAGE button below!

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