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10 AWESOME Benefits of Avocado Oil for Health, Skin & Hair

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Avocado Oil Nourishes Your Body with Oleic Acid – 4 of 10

Avocado’s are made up of several essential fatty acids, the majority of which are of the monounsaturated oleic variety. Surprise, surprise – this is the very same omega-9 EFA that wins olive oil its coveted status as a ‘healthy’ oil.

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When it comes to supercharging health oleic acid packs a punch. It lowers the risk of some cancers, alleviates auto-immune diseases, boosts cell regeneration rates, fast-tracks wound healing, helps the body fight off microbial infections and reduces inflammation. It’s hard to get such a rich source of oleic acid from any other fruit or vegetable which gives avocados some serious street cred.

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