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10 AWESOME Benefits of Avocado Oil for Health, Skin & Hair

Image via: striveforlifefitness.com
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Firstly, Avocado Oil Helps Build Muscle AND Shed Unwanted Kilos! – 1 of 10

Hailed as one of the healthiest fruits and superfoods (yes, avocados are fruits) on the planet, downing just one of these green babies per week can clear up your skin, improve blood circulation, balance hormone levels and more. But they’ve even been pegged as one of the top 10 weight loss superfoods!

Img via: pinterest.com
Img via: pinterest.com

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When combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, avocados are every gym junkie’s secret weapon! The high concentration of oleic acid fast-tracks digestion while the abundance of bad ass nutrients fill you up faster and keep you satisfied for longer. Plus, the EFAs and vitamins energise the body which means you’ll be more motivated to work up a sweat. No more excuses for skipping workout sessions!

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Avos on toast is the perfect pre-workout snack to give you a long lasting energy fix at the gym and there are so many amazing ways enjoy avos!

So sure, they taste great and have a texture to die for. But the real secret weapon lies in the oil. Avocado oil makes up around 77% of an avocados total caloric composition, and is the heart and soul of the health benefits it offers! It was only a matter of time before the oil of this magnificent fruit started making the rounds as a health and beauty product so let’s jump into the next page below as we discover 10 of the amazing health, skin and hair benefits of avocado oilRead on…

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