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Insane Moves By World Champ Pole Dancer, Anastasia Skukhtotova

Image Via PoleBook.net
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Image Via PoleBook.net
Image Via PoleBook.net

There may be times when you’re in a club or at a party where you think you’ve got the moves. I’m sorry to say, but you probably don’t. This amazing world pole dancing champion Anastasia Shukhtorova on the other hand, does. I mean wow!!

Training 5 times a week minimum, and twice a day in the lead up to performances, just watch this video and we’re sure you will appreciate not only her insane talent, but also her incredible athleticism as well! And to compliment her amazing strength and grace, they’ve scored this pole dancing routine with classical music, resulting in a magical sequence of events, so we hope you enjoy the video below!

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Watch it here

From this amazing Russian with love:

“Pole dance is my life! I hope that this beautiful and strong kind of sport will be in Olympic games.”

So we’d sure like to know if you’ve ever seen anything like it! Tell us what you think in the comments below and SHARE if this inspired you!

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