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Spring Clean Your Body With This Easy, 7 Day Detox

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Time for a detox?

You know, I know it, and the neighbour next door begrudgingly knows it… Spring is here. Which means it’s vibrant and extroverted cousin Summer is just a holler away! While this should be deemed good news, the suns increasing warmth becoming a hug instead of a cold slap in the face with its lack of presence, it’s also a reminder that there’s no hiding anymore. From what you say? The sneaky packets of chips hidden under the bed along with the sneaky rolls (not the good kind) that made themselves well at home underneath our daggy jumper or “fat clothing” of choice this winter.

6 Easy, Healthy Ways To Detox Your Body In 7 Days
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But let’s pick things up a bit because though summer lovin’ is just a beach stroll away, we have to admit that we enjoyed our winter lovin’ and it did us some good (well I hope it did!). There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. This can then invigorate us to work harder because it has made us realise what we really want, what we missed in it’s absence and what we value.

So how to kick back into gear? Read on because here’s a simple, no fuss detox that doesn’t eliminate every-single-item-of-food-ever.

You may have already tried a variety of detoxes and some can be really challenging and often can leave you feeling worse off than when you started, so who wouldn’t want a simple and realistic 1 week refresher to help get back on track!? Extensive fasting and weirdo fads aren’t made for the standard guy or gal who works and has a life. You need energy, you don’t want to be hungry and biting your friends heads off, and you want the positive effects of the cleanse to last. Only one week. You can do that right?

Good, then let’s take a look at 6 ways to make it easier:

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1. Avoid Meat + Dairy

Whether you eliminate entirely or just cut back is up to the individual and the amount you consumed in the first place. If you’re a big meat eater try to reduce your portions and stick to clean white meats like chicken and fish. Meat can be quite taxing on the digestive system as well as dairy being a common allergen, with many people lacking the sufficient enzymes to digest it properly.

2. No Alcohol!

This one’s a bit of a “duh” moment but it IS possible to spend one weekend not drinking if that’s the norm for you. Your liver will thank you and so will your mind as alcohol wreaks havoc on anxieties and your overall nervous system. Still go out and be social, but notice peoples reaction to saying “no” to alcohol. Somehow it’s become the norm to drink all the time and “weird” when you don’t!

3. Avoid Processed Sh!t

The best way to do this is cook at home with fresh, non pre-packaged and processed foods. Look at the back of packets if you need something that isn’t fresh and without a label. If you can’t read, recognise or pronounce the ingredient then avoid it. This goes for vego options to like “fake bacon”. Key word here is “FAKE”, meaning full of… Shhh.

4. Lower Your Sugar and Salt Intake.

Instead of having two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee stick to one. Just make subtle adjustments to your day to day consumption. Being aware of how much you actually consume of a certain product may highlight to you that you use more than you actually need! This goes for juices, soft drinks and sauces to your meals. Start lighter on the sauces and be aware when you eat out. You could have ordered a healthy meal but it’s loaded with a sugar or salt dense sauce. Ask for an extra side of steamed veg to thin it out and save the extras for the next day. Bonus!

5. Add Some of These Bad Boys to Your Detox:

By bad boys, I really mean good boys. The following ingredients are natural detoxifiers and are loaded with vitamins/minerals – lemon, blueberries, beetroot, broccoli, garlic, turmeric, ginger – and all the greens you can muster like kale and baby spinach leaves! (Though I’m not a fan of long juice fasts, I do like pressed juices and will buy a few to incorporate into a detox to add to the detox rather than replace all food).

6. Switch to Whole Grains and Avoid Refined White Foods!

You still get to eat carbs. Yay! Just opt for the healthy low low GI kinds. Sadly, most common commercially produced carb foods have been processed in a way that removes most of natures goodness – some even having bleached salt, bleached flours in breads and pasta (yes, bleach – literally the same chemicals found in household cleaning products!)

So by replacing your mass-processed carbs such as brown rice, quinoa and your breads with stone ground or organic sourdough bread, not only will you have more energy, you will essentially eliminate ingredients from your diet!

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Share with a friend who would support you on this and go be healthier for a week. Your body will thank you for it 🙂


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