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Badass Sly Stallone Training – Then & Still Now!

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If you’re a movie buff like myself and love the classics, then Sylvester Stallone will feature as one of your favourite literal movie “buffs”, amongst fellow buffs like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who can forget Rocky with its infamous Eye Of The Tiger montages and Sylvester Stallone home hitting quotes?

Sylvester-Stallone-Fit-Healthy-Sexy-750x375To this day he is still typecast as the big tough guy but heck, he does it well. I may or may not have just watched the latest Expendables movie featuring many classic badasses including Sly, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Arnold and others (which may or may not have inspired me to create this post…) But hey, I’m a sucker for this guy.

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And for good reason too! Well into his sixties now, Stallone still packs a mean munch and lop-sided snarl that sparks nostalgia in all our hearts. Haven’t seen the movie? Shame on you. Go Rocky, go!

Sylvester Stallone Training—Then And STILL Now!

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