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7 Reasons You NEED To Do Your SQUATS

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Want seriously effective, tried and tested health and fitness tips that are guaranteed to get results, FAST? We hear ya! And the great news is that we’ve got the answers for you right here – and today we’re talking’ SQUATS.

7 Reasons You Need To Do Your SQUATS
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While it’s long been known that exercise plays a key role in reducing the risk of disease, improving mental health, stabilising emotions, enhancing general wellbeing and increasing longevity. It really is a phenomenal way to get the most out of your life! After analysing 40 papers published between 2006 and 2010, scientists confirmed that exercise reduces the risk of over 20 health conditions, from cancer and heart disease to Type 2 diabetes, stroke, dementia and depression. Amazingly, exercise even has anti-aging benefits through stimulating the regeneration of energy-producing mitochondria in the cells. Talk about real life fountain of youth!

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So let’s take a look at why ‘the SQUAT’ seems to be the ‘buzz exercise’ that everyone’s talking about across the fitness world everywhere from social media and weight loss shows, to group gym classes and personal trainer programs, everyone is SQUATTING (and the results are showing)!

But what makes the squat so wildly popular? And why should it be an integral part of everyone’s workout regime?

As well as requiring zero equipment, squats have a myriad of benefits for sculpting a super hot bod as well as producing hormones that accelerate and catalyse the fat-burning process! So let’s take a look at why squeezing these babies into your workout routine is so important.

Jump onto the next page for 7 key benefits you’ll get from doing squats and why squats are so much more than simply ‘good leg and butt exercises’!

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